16th December 2015

Split Ends – a new beginning?

Split ends are an annoying and unsightly consequence of all our grooming efforts.  Until now the main solution on offer was a cut!

Why do we get split ends?

The main reasons are:

  • Perming and Straightening
  • Colouring
  • Vigorous brushing
  • Blow drying

All of these regular activities suck the moisture out of hair leaving it more vulnerable to splitting.



If you don’t want to chop it all off, try ‘Advanced Split End Therapy’. It uses the power of heat to bind split ends together preventing further splitting of the hair shaft and instantly improves the appearance of the hair for up to 10 washes.

ghd Advanced Split End Therapy works on bonding the hair together from the outside giving an instant result.

Urban Angel clients that have used it have been amazed by the appearance of the hair and liken it to looking like they have just had their hair cut. Luke Daniels


As featured in the Sunday Times Style!


Want to know more?  Your questions answered…..

Q. What is ghd Advanced Split End Therapy ?*

A.  ghd Advanced Split End Therapy contains a blend of nutrient rich ingredients. These are activated by the  heat of your styler to help nourish and fortify dry damaged ends; smoothing and sealing the hair to leave it feeling sleek smooth and shiny.

Q. Who should use ghd Advanced Split End Therapy?


  • Somebody who wants to improve or maintain the condition of their hair 
  • Somebody who would like to lessen the damage caused from heat styling.
  • Somebody who only wants a small amount of hair cut off but needs more.

Q. How often can I use ghd Advanced Split End Therapy?

A. We recommend using the treatment once a week depending on frequency of washing to maintain the optimum results yet prevent build up. However very damaged hair may require the treatment more often.

Q. How long does the treatment last?

A. The treatment can last for up to 10 washes, but usually starts to fade after 5 therefore we recommend applying the treatment once a week.

Q. What should I expect after I get this treatment done?

A. After the treatment has been completed you should expect a reduction in the visibility of split ends, and to be left with hair that is feeling soft and smooth, and looking sleek and shiny.

Q. Is there a settling down period after application?

A. No, you may style and or wash the hair as normal directly after application.

Q. Should I still use heat protection spray when styling my hair after the treatment?

A. Yes it is advisable that you still use a heat protection spray when styling your hair after the treatment.

Q. What if I don’t have a round boar bristle brush or paddle brush can I use a ceramic round brush?

A. Yes you can use a ceramic brush, however for best results it is advised to avoid using a brush with metal in to prevent product evaporation.

Q. Can I use the product anywhere else on my hair apart from the ends?

A.  You can apply this product wherever you see split or damaged hair.

Q. What if I put too much on the ends of my hair?

A. If you feel that you have put too much product on your hair and it feels heavy just wash your hair again and reapply next time using less product.

Q. Should I condition my hair after shampooing?

A. For best results, prior to treatment just shampoo the hair without using conditioner directly afterwards. After the treatment you can use shampoo and conditioner or any other conditioning treatments as normal.



Q. Can I use a straightener other than ghd Platinum?

A. Yes you can use any styler, however we recommend using ghd eclipse for optimum results as it maintains the optimum styling temperature of 185 °C allowing you to  style faster with less heat. This will help prevent additional damage being caused. We caution against stylers that work on temperatures of 200°C as that can be very damaging and therefore could counteract the effects of ghd Advanced Split End Therapy.

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“Can actually walk in and say I want a natural colour with a bit of warmth and can sit back and relax and trust their judgment. In my eyes when a friend thinks your hair looks great but can’t tell its been “done” you are onto a winner!” Gemma Davison.


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