1st November 2018

Perfect Colour Results | Lower Allergy Risk

Innovative. Revolutionary. Responsible.

3 powerful words to describe the new colour range which has landed at Urban Angels.



Koleston Perfect with ME+ Technology

The new Koleston Perfect colour range promises to revolutionise hair colouring by delivering excellent permanent colour performance whilst reducing the risk of developing an allergy.


As chemical free as colour can be 

How does this new product lower the allergy risk potential?

Wella have developed a new hair dye molecule called ME+ (chemical name: 2-Methoxymethyl-p-Phenylenediamine). It is this revolutionary molecule which is responsible for the reduced allergy risk.*


Colour benefits 

Lower allergy risk isn’t the only benefit of this brilliant new range…

• Pure, balanced colour results with natural depth and shine
• A wide range of colours 
• Simple 1:1 mixing ratio
• Up to 100% grey coverage
• Up to 5 levels of lift


Will you benefit? 

Please call us on  01522 811 009 to book an appointment or arrange a consultation to take advantage of this fantastic new offering.


*Although the risk of developing new allergy is reduced with the new ME+ molecule, there remains a risk of allergic reaction that can be severe. This technology is not intended to be used by consumers who already have a hair dye allergy. Everyone should perform an Allergy Alert Test 48 hours before each coloration. If somebody has ever experienced an allergic reaction to hair colourants, they should not colour their hair

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