14th February 2020

Love you hair, skin AND nails with Argan Oil

1 bottle, 3 oils, 3 uses.

Our Argan oil is a plant based oil produced from the kernels of the Argan Tree, endemic to Morocco. In Morocco Argan oil is used in the daily diet, dipping in bread and drizzling over pasta for example. It is also used for cosmetic purposes.

argan tree morrocco urban angels navenby argan oil

Limnanthes Alba Seed Oil is an edible oil expressed from the seeds of the Limnanthes alba itself and when hydrogenated for use in our Argan oil it is used as a skin conditioning agent.

argan oil urban angels navenby seed oil


The trio is completed by what is commonly known as Linseed Oil or Flaxseed oil, an edible oil expressed from the seeds of the Linum plant. Crucially it also contains moderate amounts of Stearic acid which skincare lovers will know helps to lock in moisture and also create a protective barrier.


linum plant oil in argan oil from urban angels hair design

Save time and increase shine!

The combination of three oils add spectacular shine and smoothness.

How to use: It can be applied on damp or dry hair. When applied on towel dried hair, it reduces drying time by 50%. Argan oil evaporates and does not make the hair greasy or leave any residue behind.

argan oil urban angels navenby hair reduce frizz



Not tested on animals. | Introductory price of £18.00 (50ml).

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