30th November 2015

Frizz Frizz Go Away…..

It happens to us all….

Just your luck. Ten minutes after leaving your blowdry appointment, the weather takes a turn. Bright and sunny just minutes earlier, the skies have taken on a grayish hue, and the air is heavy with humidity. Your hair, which was all bounce and shine, is beginning to wilt. Before long, the next awful stage will set in: frizz.

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Blame your genes, hair products or bad luck, but frizzy hair is the bane of your locks’ existence. When the air is humid, high levels of hydrogen are present. And your hair is the first to know it, a veritable canary in the coal mine that can sense the unseen dampening forces creeping in all around.

The science!

The middle layer of the hair comprises coiled bundles of keratin proteins. These bundles are held together by chemical bonds, created either by neighboring sulphur atoms or hydrogen atoms. Because hair is porous, it absorbs moisture when there is humidity in the air. Hair that is overly dry from chemically based hair treatments is particularly susceptible.



When hair absorbs moisture, a single strand of it forms significantly more hydrogen bonds between the keratin strands it contains. The hair essentially doubles back in on itself at a molecular level, absorbing water, forming bonds and swelling until it disrupts the cuticle, which is the smooth, outermost layer of the hair. Magnify this occurrence by an entire head of hair and the result is frizz.



The solution?

Getting a professional blow-dry everyday is not possible for most of us so in-between those treats, try the following to help control your locks!



  1. Use a moisturising shampoo & conditioner to prevent your hair from drawing in any excess moisture from the air
  2. Use a serum on damp hair. The oils they contain act as a repellant to the humidity
  3. Direct the heat from your blow dryer downward toward your ends
  4. Make sure your hair is 100% dry. Damp hair is less resistant to humidity
  5. Finish with an anti-frizz aerosol spray to hold and keep moisture out

For a more permanent solution invest in a La Brasiliana Treatment – this will keep you frizz free and smooth for up to 3 months.

For advice on various products that help control frizz please come in and see us. We have a  range of Label M, Macadamia and ghd  products in stock.





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