30th August 2017

Chop To Your Chin

Urban Angels are supporting cancer charities this September and October.

Going straight? Go Pink and support Breast Cancer Now

We have long been fans and stockists of all things ghd and are really delighted to now be offering the pink blush straighteners that donate £10 to Breast Cancer Now – pop in and have a look or ask our stylists how to get the best out of them.


The Little Princess Charity have teamed up with the good people at ghd and salons across the UK to encourage people to chop to their chin and donate their hair to The Little Princess Trust. The trust have already donated 5000 wigs to children in need of them but with an ever growing demand they need more hair.

Thinking of donating? Watch this clip for all you need to know:


Do you need an appointment to get involved?

If you are tight on time and need to be in and out then it is best to make an appointment by calling 01522 811 009. If you are flexible then please do just pop in and we will see you as soon as we can.

September 21st – can you join us?

We would like to get involved in the Facebook Live event on this day to help create more awareness of the cause, so if you are thinking of doing #choptoyourchin and can come in on this day please get in touch!

Frequently asked questions answered by The Little Princess Trust:

Do I have to chop off all my hair to donate?

  • No, as long as your donation exceeds 12”/30cm we can use it!

Is donated hair always made into a childs wig?

  • We cannot guarantee it will be donated to a child as this decision is made by the wig manufacturer and based on the quality of the hair. We can guarantee that donated hair will NEVER be sold

Can you provide a picture of the wig or the recipient?

  • No, this isn’t possible

What kind of hair can you accept?

  • Most kinds including: dyed, curly, straight and highlighted. ALL hair must be clean and dry.

What is the fundraising used for?

  • We use donated hair when we can but if we don’t have enough or what we have isn’t suitable then we purchase the most appropriate one needed, these can cost between £350-£500. To find out more about how to FUNDRAISE visit here.

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