7th June 2016

Red Head Angels…

We have grown up with some, lived next door to others and continue to enjoy the talents of many more. But what makes being ‘Red’ so super special? Read on for a cerebral celebration of all things ‘Red!’.



Everyone knows that girls with red hair are the absolute best. Why else would so many people dye their locks to get the same look ?! Aside from all the copycats, it has even been reported that red heads may just hold the secret to eternal youth. Sort of.  The journal Current Biology reported in a recent study that the gene MC1R, which is responsible for red hair and freckles, is critical for making melanin, which protects the body against UV radiation from the Sun. The study states ‘this work could potentially promote the use of anti-ageing products’.  Taking a look at the reasons why this colour is the one to beat…

1) Only 2% of the world’s population have red hair That makes red’s pretty blimmin’ unique!

2) They have loads of AH-mazing celebrity idols Ed Sheeran, Amy Adams, Isla Fisher…

3) Red hair can make ANY outfit look interesting Feel like a T-shirt and jeans day…?


4) They fit right in with the Weasleys Because who doesn’t want an invite to The Burrow?! Hand over the Floo Powder right now.

5) It takes way longer to go grey  Red hair retains its natural pigment for far longer than other shades. When it eventually starts losing its colour, it simply fades to a rosy blonde and eventually white. So Helen Mirren, dahling.

6) They always got to be Ginger Spice in playground sing-offs… ok so this might not be for everyone?

7) We’re used to all those silly ginger jokes

8) In medieval times, some cultures thought redheads were vampires It was also a sign of witchcraft…is that a risk worth taking?

9) They have that sexy, fiery thing going on

10) Generally,  red’s don’t tan all that well. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing… Most can’t absorb sufficient Vitamin D due to low concentrations of melanin. This means the body does something pretty clever instead. Red’s can actually produce their own Vitamin D when exposed to low light conditions. Amazing.

11) And because red’s can’t tan, they age better Hello, wrinkle-free face.

12) They have the coolest Disney Princess Ariel has a TAIL. And she lives under the sea! Snow White and Cinderella can’t say that, can they?

13) Red dye is the hardest to maintain Meaning it is expensive to mimic their look!.

amy adams katy b ariel 1 0source : Look


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