1st June 2016

Product Reviews by you….

Babz asked for a styling product for her fine hair.

I was recently given the Label M Texturing Volume Spray to try. Although I have a lot of it, my hair is very fine so I was certainly a willing Guinea pig! This stuff is good…. I could instantly see the lift in my hair when it was first demonstrated in the salon and it was easy to recreate what the wonderfully expert Nicole had done, at home. It also lasts and doubles up as a light hairspray /dry shampoo so has multiple uses. I used it on a recent night out and at the end of the evening my hair was in better shape than I was! If I was to pick fault I would say that it can leave your hair feeling a big sticky a bit like dry shampoo sometimes does when your desperately trying to go one more day without washing to your hair. Although more expensive than what I would usually pay, I believe it’s versatility and lasting effect justifies the additional expense.” Babz Cope (Label M Texturizing Volume Spray is £13.50)


Amy said her hair was in need of some split end therapy!

“The first time I used too much of the product so my hair became sticky and hard, a bit  like when you use too much hairspray.  On my second go I used much less and my hair was left feeling really soft.  I am still using it to see if the split ends repair fully but so far I am enjoying the soft feel after use.” Amy Tresize  (Split End Therapy is £19.95)

In need of some split end therapy? Have you tried our Split-Ender Pro? The treatment can be added to a cut or colour for an additional £25, speak to your stylist on your next visit.

Mindy tried the Macadamia range…

My hair is abused on a regular basis, I wash it every day and usually blow dry the hell out of it too. This shampoo and conditioner not only smells delicious (in a good way, not like angel delight!), it feels soft and gorgeous afterwards and my hair looks really shiny. I have to say for me the big winner was the pump lid on the bottle, no turning things upside down and shaking them, just a small press and a away I go….love it!”


Watch the Split Ender Pro     I want frizz free hair    See Offers






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